Tele-photos & plans...

Hey it's Monday! My Sunday definitely felt like two days in one. Mostly because I woke up SUPER early on Sunday to snag some Jason Wu for Target items and after a few hours shopping it was super bowl time (which I don't really look forward to). Anyway, that was my forever Sunday experience. Friday was walk around Portland for hours night (pictured in the last post below) where I wore one of my favorite vintage dresses. Saturday was catching up on cleaning, grocery shopping, making plans. I love sharing plans, but they need a bit more time to be refined.
Chili & Chocolate vegan cake

My coveted Jason Wu purse & skirt!
C3PO modeling a new accessory on my ETSY
One of the little things that I'd like to share, however, is that any new items to sell (handmade or otherwise)
will be added to my Piccadilly Lilly on Storenvy only. I am just going to let my Etsy listings expire in a few months and stick to Storenvy. Things have worked out better for me there. I heart the Storenvy support team and community, so it's time to get nice and cozy there. I feel like I've been flopping back and forth between the two venues, but I think it's best to make all these changes at the beginning!

Valentine's Day purse!
Sewing with vintage fabrics.

Fresh lunches...strawberries & green apple licorice.