happy details/ wishing the sun would come by and say hello...

vintage floral dress, ASOS cat purse, vintage nautical jacket, vintage brooch turned ring
Hi, guys! How was your Valentine's Day? Ours was quiet and low key. Star Wars at Cinetopia (that fancy place), great dinner, cookies, peaceful time. What more could I want?!
Anyway, today I had to send some items off at the Post Office and since the weather wasn't so bad I did some thrifting and fabric collecting. I wore a vintage floral dress that is much more suited for late Spring or Summer, but I felt like some flowers today! I just can't wait to wear this dress without having to weigh it down with leggings and sweaters.
fabric collecting. the anchor & sailboats may be making an appearance soon
new Singer sewing machine with antique flare. so pretty.
happiest find. new blush colored Converse at the Thrift store