sunday's story...

 just a few pieces from "how do you think it feels?":
" In my dream, I felt something uncurling inside me, something moving and changing. The cold of stone, a lifetime of darkness. A rending, and a ripping, as if my heart were breaking; a moment of utter pain. Blackness and strangeness and blood. ...the crack in my chest healed, knit and mended, and the cold hand vanished for good. I felt my eyes closing once more. I was tired, and I swam back into the comforting, sake-flavored dark. ...I wonder if I shall ever see her again, and I realize that I scarcely care. I can feel the sheets beneath me, and the cold air on my chest. I feel fine. I feel absolutely fine.
I feel nothing at all."
                    A short story from neil gaiman's, Fragile Things .
inspiration for the story...
"Gargoyles, it occurred to me, were placed upon churches and cathedrals to protect them. I wondered if a gargoyle could be placed on something else to protect it. Such as, for example, a heart..."


i'll have to remember...

 Sometimes the feeling of loneliness and sadness can become overwhelming when I think of the old life I've so recently left behind. On Friday, I was riding the train back from a fair in Hillsboro, OR when it suddenly hit me. I officially miss going to work and playing with all the crazy, sweet, hilarious kids! At first I was thinking that it would be such a welcome change... not having to go to work and take care of what felt like hundreds of kids when there were really only about 45! I could have more time to work on all of my projects. More time to explore my new life...
On the train, I sat behind a group of three brothers who were also riding home from the fair. They were speaking Spanish and recounting all the cool things they did and saw while eating bags of Takis. They were excited and tired at the same time. Their interaction reminded me so much of all the times I've been on a bus full of kids riding home from a field trip...All tired, excited, telling bad jokes in Spanish because that's the way they learned them (most likely from their parents), eating bags of Takis. 
I'll just have to remember, Bloom Where You Are Planted. I'll have to remember that I will discover new adventures now, find the new places in which I will feel comfortable, create new relationships and memories while always treasuring the old ones.  


saturday's Canterbury Renaissance Faire...

I spy...1. the MOST majestic man Knight valiantly riding his horse (his hair flowing during the joust was too amazing) 2. renaissance women happily trying on handmade hair accessories made of velvet, lace, and feathers. they were beautiful. 3. the queen and her court watching a knight awaiting his joust. 4. shot of the fair grounds with the awe-inspiring  forest as its backdrop. 5. "the Baudy Juggler"=hilarious! 6. the opposing red knight...boooooo! 7. joust in action. 8. took this and thought of KT saying, "oh great a hippy tent" 9. the host of the afternoon joust (his hair also flowed nicely)


sunday's story...

"this is it joel. it's going to be gone soon."
"i know."
"what do we do?"
"enjoy it."


Friday's "looking forward to..."

I made it back in time to write about a few of the things I am looking forward to!
1. making our new place feel a little more like home. just sitting on our sofa usually does the trick!

* I will also feel a little better once I've gotten the spare room (mainly my clothes & crafts room) organized and set up!

2. Uploading, editing and blogging the photos of our trip from CA to Vancouver, WA and my photos of the fun things that have kept me from actually uploading, editing and blogging the photos!

 3. spending more time in our backyard. The first day we were in WA it rained (big surprise) but this weekend the forecast calls for weather in the high 70s and so, if it's anything like this afternoon was, I can envision sweet afternoons out on our deck. 

 * Just had to add this photo because I am too excited to finally have a full size fridge with freezer! Yup, long gone are the days when we fought over space in the 2 mini fridges with no freezers!
4. my hour road trip to a Renaissance Faire in Oregon tomorrow! I am the most anxious and excited about this one. I can't wait to go!


this week I'll take Inspiration from...

Fireworks at Fashion Week in Paris, the Glamourai, the feeling you get after watching Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, nerdy artwork, dark romance, chandeliers & mirrors, Joseph-Gordon Levitt, Portlandia's 'Put a Bird On It,' walls filled with books & Amy Sedaris' organized clutter.


sunday's story... thanks Stuart

...and they walked out and stood on the edge of the sea there for a while
and when they turned around to walk back to the road the boy said,
"Do you want to take my hand?" and the girl said, "Take it where?"
and although he afterward thought he should have said, "Everywhere," he only just mumbled.
-Impossible Thing 2


picasa experiment...

Just using some random photos of my travels to experiment with Picasa collages. It would be so nice to get this thing down!


Friday's "looking forward to..."

Finally moving into this cute house in Vancouver, Washington.
The Twilight Concert Series in SLC, Utah!
         Thanks to my Topher and the much appreciated perks of his career I'll be able to see Thurston Moore on August 4th and hopefully make it back for Bright Eyes & Wild Nothing (oh we know how I feel about them!) on August 11th!

click for full line up!


wild nothing

it makes me shake & something starts flickering...with a hint of amazing, 80s new wave sounding voice...


more to come on photostream...

mini adventure highlights!

A seat to Albuquerque next to a hilarious flight attendant who has great taste in comedians, rushing to my connecting flight in SLC (with a bleeding heel), finally seeing my parents waiting in the ABQ Sunport terminal...tight hugs, great jewelry shopping in Downtown ABQ, fleamarkets galore, a bigger suitcase, my funny 4-yr old niece demonstrating moves she's learned in karate class while shouting; "Do you want to punch me? NO! You think you're gonna kidnap me? NOOO!!" Too many casino visits to count, 102 and rising in Roswell,  "really, i'm sure of it!! Yes! An ALIEN!", a mysterious lack of battery power on a fully charged battery..... 
back to ABQ, after 5 hours at the ABQ airport getting on a flight towards home...or so I thought, getting to SLC airport, missing a connecting flight to CA, stuck in Salt Lake City for unimaginable hours, free shuttle to SLC art museums!, finally deciding the only way out of SLC is to go to Las Vegas (poor me!), yum Delta cookies!!, the Vegas Strip on 4th of July!
Never getting to Ontario International Airport but seeing the runway at LAX, 35 min bus ride to Union Station, art deco Union Station photo shoot, 40 min train ride to Montclair next to the nicest woman and her sweet dog who cuddled with me the whole ride and barked when I had to leave...


riding through clouds...

I'm back at home after a trip away visiting the family. I've been missing my laptop for more than a week and man do I have some catching up to do! While I get settled in again I'll leave you with this... Albuquerque, Roswell, Salt Lake City and Las Vegas = Mini Adventures!  I can't wait to have more than a minute of down time so that I can finally recount all the semi-ridiculous happenings!