High Fidelity flashbacks...

So I had a dream starring John Cusack and woke up thinking about him...so what?! No one needs to know.
Well, I've also been thinking of some other things, so in High Fidelity style...

Top 5 things I'm too excited about, starting with number 5...ready, go!

5. Valentine's Day (?) Question mark because sometimes there's too much pressure.
4. Someone else wearing those dresses in my Piccadilly Lilly shop on storenvy. Mostly because I'm not a size 9 and that black velvet one is killing me with that collar!
3. Going to Las Vegas next month. I get to see my dearest friend and celebrate our birthdays.
2. February 5th! Getting my hands on a couple of items from the Jason Wu for Target collection.
1. Georgia.Geoooooorgiaaaaa!(sorry, there's no way to stop me from singing that) Hopefully tagging along with the Mr. while he goes back to Georgia for work. I am too in love with Georgia.