cute explosion...

Nikon camera Sweater pin, Vintage typewriter Barrette
Happy Wednesday! This was originally supposed to be an outfit post, but I am too caught up in packing, shipping and photographing accessories. Which I am VERY happy to do! Especially the shipping part! Since I am busy and haven't gotten around to uploading my outfit photos yet, I'm doing a bit of mobile blogging and would like to share the cutest buttons that I have discovered and what I have made of them. At first, I wasn't sure about using buttons that I didn't make myself, but after some thinking, I realized that I would really like to support the small boutique that sold them and so I bought them there instead of making my own versions. I loved them the way they were, but you know I can't leave cute enough alone! So I made them into various accessories to share with you. You can find them all in my Storenvy shop, Piccadilly Lilly. Don't forget to get 10% off on every item at checkout by using the code SWEETSPY10
heart cookie w/ sprinkles, crochet cupcake, sketched unicorn. all headbands.