trying hard to 'lqtm' & failing!

at the airport and desperately trying not to laugh out loud while reading this book. Even after the first few pages, it's over. Trying not to laugh only makes it worse! Find this book, keep it safe and cherish it! Solid gold for sure.


Oh Demetri, (sigh)...
Everyone who has ever met me knows that I EASILY laugh at just about anything remotely witty, but when I laugh because of Demetri Martin well that's just something else. 'Electric Laughter'...yup that's what it is! Which makes me incredibly sad because he'll be having a show in my great hometown of Pomona next month and guess what?! I will be somewhere in the Pacific Northwest! Either I will be lucky enough that he will make his way up to me or I will just have to plan a visit back to Pomona much sooner than I had anticipated. 
One way or another, one way or another...


thursday's thoughts...

Thursday was definitely a great day full of the eccentricities of my hometown, hilarious people, some ice cold pitchers, an outfit that hinted at my Summer of '01, "I want you to want me," a comical elevator ride(x2), the smiths, getting down like the great James Brown, random texts, amazing eye contact and the feeling of sadness that was on the verge of bubbling over.


missing some of my sweet necessities

My books have homes. Whether its in my "library," by my pillow, or traveling by my side; special books have special places and right now I'm really saddened by my living room's bare bookshelves.
While in the process of packing, I figured it would be easiest to gently pack all of my books first and live only with my Nook (which is very convenient).
Alas, I'm not sure it can be done!