lucky lady...

just wanted to stop by and let Hannah T. (a.k.a "stoneamongclouds" on instagram) know that the June giveaway is yours!! Email me at mysweetspy@gmail.com with your info so that the cute Meadowlark goodies can be sent to you along with these...(!!!) Aside from the 'writer's death' barrette from me, the rest of these are sample sale pretties from Fuego...I may have picked up a few for myself as well. They are pretty great!
 I have some long days of work ahead so I'll be back as soon as I can. Also, the next giveaway will be up at the beginning of next month, so be sure to enter it !


pieces of "Wednesday"...

...or what I could capture of what I wore in five minutes...
An outfit fit for a spooky Summer. yes, I have a stash of polka dot stockings to last a lifetime. when you find them in your size at five dollars each, you stock up. I do know this doesn't exactly look like something you could wear during the summer, but it fit today's rainy NW weather perfectly.
Sweater-H&M, Collared Top-Vintage, Skirt-Handmade, Shoes-Nordstrom Barrette-Handmade & named 'a writer's death'.


Rounding up...

I didn't think that I would miss doing outfit photos, but I kinda do! It's surprisingly fun to share personal style photos, but I'm sure other bloggers already know that. Sometimes I can find it a little strange that we even have the urge to do this, don't you? Like it's this personal, vulnerable thing, you're opening yourself up for ridicule and just to think of what other people might be thinking about you can cause a panic attack...yet, I post them anyway and for the most part I feel great when I do!
Oh, but anyway, the point is mainly that I am deep cleaning everything in sight and I've just gotten back from donating more than half of my clothes. The size of my wardrobe just became a bit overwhelming and yet I "couldn't find a thing to wear!" Not much survived the donation bins...mainly just my special vintage pieces, work clothes and anything I handmade. The rest of it has been donated, stored in space bags or on the garment rack I am planning to live off of for the next couple months...I think I can do it. It will be a challenge in restyling! So until I get to the restyling part, I'll share some tele-photos with you...

- A super cute cook book filled with classic bakery goodies!
- Colorful shopping 
- A ridiculous pink bathroom I couldn't help but find cute!
- view from my laundry room (where I've been spent too much time)
- My empty vintage dresser waiting for new life.
- Favorite old polaroid on top of my dresser
- Me, playing with Hipstamatic and pretty, vintage mirrors
- Color pallet inspiration for dresser (?)


The June giveaway post!

I'm not really going to explain this one in detail...I think the photo says it all. I am going to send a big THANK YOU to Meadowlark for sending me the goodies to share with you! I love getting to know small shops...they're always super sweeties!
Basically, follow me here using GFC (the follow button is in my sidebar) Then, just leave me a comment on this post telling me so! -that's 1 entry
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p.s. this giveaway will be ending a little before the month is through so that the winner will be sure to use their nautical inspired prizes for July 4th!
Ooooooh...the surprises! You'll definitely want those!


small plans & a look at Meadowlark...

So I've been working many hours and just been flat out super busy for the last week or two, but I have three days off this coming week!! I'm planning on using them for basically gutting out my room and re-styling a couple pieces of furniture. One of these pieces will be my beloved vintage dresser (seen here and in many other posts). I would have loved to just keep it as is, but I wasn't expecting that this new NW environment I've moved it to would "change" it like it has. The same goes for a couple of other pretty pieces I own, so... I've got a lot of sanding, refinishing, protecting and painting to do! I'll be sure to take some before and afters...that would be a fun post, don't you think? So for now I'm off to find some sand paper and paint. I'm thinking the dresser might look it's best in a new coat of the same rustic orange, but then again I am so very tempted to create a whole new looking piece using a pretty color combo. Do any of you have any color combinations that you're just loving right now? I think I need some ideas...
p.s. the giveaway post will be up in a couple of days so make sure to check back and enter it! For now here are a few photos from my June Giveaway sponsor, Meadowlark. They make some very pretty earrings that I'm really liking!