most of this past week was spent under a mountain of blankets, used tissues, medicines, vitamins, orange juice and any movie based on a Jane Austen novel that the internet could bring to me. so since the surprisingly sunny weekend weather couldn't be fully enjoyed by me, I'll post some telephone photos from my Instagram feed that I hadn't gotten around to sharing here yet...

1. Cute sewing boxes on mega sale!
2. a new Spring skirt made from Ikea fabric.
3. the glorious machine I've been too sick to use. grrrr!! 
4. on the road to Tillamook, OR. 
5. mini road trip to Seaside, OR
6. Seaside carousel
7. Seaside beaches
8. pale-faced and concerned 
9. what happens with a conveyor belt of sushi
10. what makes me feel better on a sick day