Subconsciously dressed for the arrival of bunnies...

...or maybe just willing the Spring sun to come around and say hello. We had a total of 1 nice, sunny day last week. That's it. Just ONE. Today, like most other days, it was dark and mostly raining. I am extremely deficient in Vitamin D. Also, I've noticed that my California tan has completely vanished and a more Pacific Northwest translucency has taken its place (as seen in my last post). I did stay out for as long as I could on that one nice day and noticed some color (and energy) coming back. So here's to wishing the sun really will show up on Saturday as the weather man has predicted.
As for the outfit, it's not really my favorite, or particularly special in any way other than the fact that it's very pastel and roughly cost me about $6 total (including sweater). I guess it's really just good for calling on bunnies and making me miss the unbelievably under-priced thrift stores I've left behind.