Jolis pastels autour de la maison...

She was a nice, simple white when I found her, but now she's a happy mint color and just gets redecorated for each holiday!

Part of today's outfit. Vintage skirt ASOS shoes & JCP tights for 4$ (go get some!)

 Today's acquisitions: pretties for my "someday kitchen" 
Milk glass "Let Them Eat Cookies" & Dish caddy from World Market

Unicorn bank from Target. There's no need to explain that...you would have bought it too!

and just because I was sooo sick all weekend...
...I spent a good part of the day trying on dresses! The polka dot one is a distressed denim fabric. I can't wait to see the Mr's reaction to that one. He really dislikes denim!! but if you grew up watching shows like Blossom, then it's engrained in you to love this dress! 
Oh..they're from Target:)

P.S. Since it's February and who knows when I'll post again, here's a love note from me to you!
Good ole Saturday by Yo La Tengo. 
You know that song that plays in those random parts of the day when you kind of fade out, lost in a somber memory or hopeful future or some sort of time lapse between dream and reality.
This is, weirdly, that song for me.