back on the face of the earth

and since I'm about to pour through all of your blogs and maybe see some of your, always pretty, outfits...here's one of mine.

and as I am sure you know, I'm a bit of an edit-addict (my friend has another term for this, but I won't be so vulgar here)...

 while spotting a spider on the ceiling...

 Detachable Collar: H&M ($5, go get one it's as warm as a scarf!)
Navy w/White Stars: Forever21(the MOST soft/cuddly sweater, get one of these too!)
Skirt: Thrifted
Tights: Target (always the warmest!)
Shoes: ASOS

P.S. Have a happy, safe New Year!
         Also, I feel like I should apologize (and/or) explain about this bedroom...you know, for it's slight creepiness and intense lack of personality and pretty; but that's a whole other story...