ode to clearance...

It's bad enough that more often than not we have to pay much more than we'd like for pretty dresses so I'm thinking that when it comes to accessories...let's hit the clearance racks (um, or web pages)!
I really only buy accessories when they're on sale. I mean, they are "accessories" we don't wear them all the time, they don't always go with everything, and styles change.
Also, I just feel kind of badly if I don't buy accessories on sale. It just happens that every time I pick up an accessory someone always says something like, "oh but you could make that!" and so I put the item back down and don't end up buying it. Therefore, the "oh, but you could make that!" has become my favorite and most disliked phrase ever! On the one hand...thanks! It's super loving that you think I'm that crafty and capable of making it myself. On the other hand...thanks! but sometimes it just feels really good to buy that super pretty hair bow or detachable collar or tote bag without having to alter it or flat out make it from scratch.
I feel like saying, please just let me have this moment of acquiring such a pretty little item without caring about whether or not I could have made it myself.