tele-photos: day trip

travel bags
I thought I'd share some "tele-photos" from our little day trip to Minneapolis. I didn't take as many photos as I normally do when I go somewhere new. Really I'll blame it on my hands being full of tissues for my watery eye and runny nose and the fact that we were running on maybe a couple of hours of sleep. I don't think I was in the greatest of moods. However the weather was great, there were lots of train rides, lovely buildings, dark chocolate drizzled caramel corn, delicious dinner at Hell's Kitchen, visiting the Mall of America, and of course staying a night in a hotel. *sigh* I love a good hotel. If I could go on vacation and just stay at the hotel, I would be one happy girl! Just stick me in a clean hotel room full of pressed sheets, fluffy pillows, a great big bed, and turn down service (oh turn down service!!) Try putting a chocolate for yourself on your own pillow...not as special!

 1. pre-flight dinner at the airport Rogue
2. First time at the Minneapolis airport!
3. larger than life Snoopy in my favorite outfit.
4. Boarding the train
5. Super huge figures made from Lego pieces (spanning 2 floors!) @ the Mall of America
6.vines on an old hotel
7. Mall of America
8. lovely cathedral
9. Painted facade in Renaissance Square
10. Mary Tyler Moore (obviously) 
11. Through a bakery window (more on that tomorrow)
12. In the lovely hotel room (where I could've spent FOR.EV.ER!)