...in style.
I have this style dilemma. Maybe you can help. I'm not one to just wear something because it's my size. I like finding pieces that not only fit me, but fit me well. I search for things like cinched waists, thick belts and fitted tops to enhance my shape while trying to avoid adding to it. I know things like crop tops, maxi skirts, high-low hems, pants, shorts, batwing sleeves or pretty much any top with an excess of material just don't suit me. I am really okay with that. Mainly because I am not comfortable in how those items look on my body, even if they are my size, they don't fit me.
My "problem" right now are these playsuits. I mean, they're too adorable! I am a big fan of  ASOS Curve. My greatest, prettiest dresses that make me feel great are all from there. Anyway, I usually try to just scroll past these ridiculously cute playsuits, but they just won't go away! They keep adding more and lowering prices and now...what do I do?! They look like a blast! They are essentially shorts, which I know I don't feel comfortable in. However, I really think I could wear them...with stockings, maybe? I guess I just keep thinking..."sure they are my size...but does that mean they'll fit me?" or do I just say "the hell with it...they look like fun and I'm doing it!" What do you think, have you had any good experiences with them?
- Green playsuit with gingham bow
- Playsuit with cute collar
- Playsuit with pussy bow