yesterday's OOTD: is purple my favorite color?

I wonder how long I can continue to use only my iphone for post photos? I do have a camera, but you just can't beat the convenience of using this phone, really. Take a photo and it's already on my computer in the right file and everything! Why would I want to make it harder? Not to mention I'm having a bit of a love affair with all the free photo filters you can find on this phone. I have just ordered an iphone holder for my tripod so that should bring in some variety. Outdoor photos?! Maybe.
Anyway, it's pretty much always raining here, or at least it has been so when so I get a little excited to see new colors around the house. You know, any color other than green.

Lizard ring: Claire's. Steampunk ring: handmade. Shoes: F21. Skirt:handmade. Top: AllenB for JCP