Lavendar Sachet from Her Name Was Greta...

Here is the sweetest guest post from the sweetest lady! Enjoy!

My name is Stina and I blog over at Her Name Was Greta and I'm thrilled Lilly gave me the opportunity to share this fun and quick tutorial with you!

We will be making a lavendar sachet today. They are great to place among your clothes and linens. It gives them both a fresh smell AND deters moths. Lavendar has a relaxing effect and I love picking out my clothes in the morning and inhaling that sweet fragrance. It's a great way to start your day, in my opinion.

I hope you will like this cute tutorial. Please, do share links or photos of your finished cupcake sachets, I'd love to see them!

First, https://rapidshare.com/files/471185376/Lavender_Cupcake_Sachet.pdf download the pattern from Rapidshare with the link above. Click the download button (under the hopping green arrow), ignore the wish to pay for a pro account and let it count down to 0, then click the download button again and it will start to download.
The PDF file includes the pattern as well as the tutorial for your convenience.
Materials Needed:
Dried lavender
Poly fill
Sharp, small scissors
Scrap fabric in 2 different colors
Small piece of ribbon or lace 
Small beads

1. Cut out the 2 pieces from the pattern and pin them to your scrap fabric.
2. Cut 2 of each shape!
3. Lay the smaller shapes (the icing) on top of the larger pieces.

4. Sew the bottom of the icing to the larger piece. To keep the fabric from moving around, secure it with pins. Do the same to the other half of the cupcake.

5. Embellish wit beads to create the sprinkles! 

6. Lay the 2 cupcake halves together, wrong sides facing each other, and sew around. Make sure to sew through all 4 layers. Sandwich your ribbon or lace between the layers on top and sew it in place.

7. Leave one of the sides open.

8. Take 1-2 tablespoons of the dried lavender and put it in your cupcake and lightly stuff with poly fill.

9. Sew the opening shut. Hang in your wardrobe or place in your drawer. Enjoy your fresh smelling clothes and linens!