this one's for you...

Here it goes...I ordered this "heart on my sleeve" sweater from Forever21 online. It's been my favorite sweater since it arrived! I knew that the stripes are not what most people would consider "flattering" on someone who isn't thin, but I ordered it anyway. How could I not? Look at it..I adore it!
Anyway, the point of this was...I can't stand being confined to only wearing what is "flattering" on my body. No one should be confined to that.
I love this sweater.
When it arrived, it was tunic length. Which would have looked great if I wore skinny dark jeans, but I don't own pants. In order for it to fit well with my skirts I shortened it by taking out a couple of white stripes. If you look closely you can see it. Well, now I feel so comfortable in it and it matches pretty much any skirt! I think it looks great and I feel it fits my personality perfectly...so guess what? I've decided. It IS flattering!