ok...enough notes to myself...

I knew that my November would be full of longer work hours, crowds of people shopping for the holidays, fighting against those crowds of people so that I can do some shopping, weather so cold I haven't stopped shaking for weeks, and shrinking account balances. I just didn't think I would be so tired or...stuck. I haven't had a chance to start or finish any of the projects I have lined up on my "she's crafty list"  because I'm just stuck! Wake up, work, shop, work, cook dinner, wrap, clean, sleep. That's how it's been for days and days. I have to snap out of it. The work part I can't really get out of and I know I'll just have to wait until after the holidays for my hours to get back to normal, but for now this is really just a reminder to myself to try! Even when I want to roll up into a ball and sleep under ten blankets because I'm too tired to move.
Tuesday is your day off. You know you want to 
finish those projects. I think you should do it! 
You'll love making them and love the outcomes even more!
Just about one more day. 
Also, remember you got to go to the movies on Friday? That was a fantastic break!
Plus, aren't you glad you held on to those old Polaroids?
Love, Lilly.