Friday's "looking forward to..."

I made it back in time to write about a few of the things I am looking forward to!
1. making our new place feel a little more like home. just sitting on our sofa usually does the trick!

* I will also feel a little better once I've gotten the spare room (mainly my clothes & crafts room) organized and set up!

2. Uploading, editing and blogging the photos of our trip from CA to Vancouver, WA and my photos of the fun things that have kept me from actually uploading, editing and blogging the photos!

 3. spending more time in our backyard. The first day we were in WA it rained (big surprise) but this weekend the forecast calls for weather in the high 70s and so, if it's anything like this afternoon was, I can envision sweet afternoons out on our deck. 

 * Just had to add this photo because I am too excited to finally have a full size fridge with freezer! Yup, long gone are the days when we fought over space in the 2 mini fridges with no freezers!
4. my hour road trip to a Renaissance Faire in Oregon tomorrow! I am the most anxious and excited about this one. I can't wait to go!