common theme...

oh computer how I've avoided you...
while using instagram...
while spending time adding length to my summer dresses that I just can't bare to put away yet!

eating conveyor belts of sushi and stuffs.

oh and documenting the fact that if it has a silhouette of an animal, I'll probably buy it! This cute swan cardigan is from Forever 21.

enjoying luxurious ribbon wrapped around a purchase from Hello Holiday. I ordered the cutest purse but the ribbon and little extras alone made me a happy girl!

this is the purse! It's the Margot Wave Purse. It is smaller than most of my purses but I kind of needed that. It's really the perfect size for all the necessities...you know, without adding the whole house! 

oh and dying my hair all black again. It was just either that or re-bleach it for more purple.

documenting one of the last days with subtle purple hairs...I did like it, but bleaching it made it kind of...crunchy?
so R.I.P my purple hair...and those sunglasses because they broke!!(ah sad face on that)

celebrating one of the last days before getting to comfortably wear stockings every day! I love my Minnie Mouse skirt from Modcloth! Although you can't see it, it has a matching ribbon you tie in a bow at the waist!! Nothing better than a bow.

looking for adventure in my favorite fall skirt and new F21+ tights! Also, yes their sizing is out of control! you can be a Medium all the way to a 3x! What the heck is that about?!? Most of the time I guess and whenever I can I visit the fitting room with every size. A bit time consuming.

I think I'm avoiding it also because I just know that if I open my google, the list of posts I have yet to read will be soooo overwhelming! I really want to read all of them, but if I start then I'm just consumed in them for like hours!!
You know what else can consume your hours (and days) this beautiful movie!