oh, happy shopping...

So I went for a little shopping spree on Saturday (eek!) I just wanted to go out, but since it was raining pretty much all day...what other choice did I have?! Yes, it was fantastic. One of those shopping experiences where you look in a store window and think, "Wow, I love all of that! I could wear ALL of it!" I was doing so well! Dresses were fitting perfectly, everything was my style, my colors, my sizes. After a while I was looking at things and wishing that they WEREN'T my size. Then I wouldn't have to buy them! No such luck :( At least I thought to cross the bridge and shop in Oregon where there is no sales tax.

Necklace; vintage
Ring; made from a vintage earring with no pair
 Black cardigan from Target
It's by far my new favorite cardigan!
 Necklaces from Forever 21
A robot, come on. How could I have left him there!
New lips made at Ulta
Long wear lip creme in Lover from Stila
24/7 Lip Pencil in Gash from Urban Decay 
Cute cape from Forever 21
It's so cozy and I'm thinking of changing out the hood lining for something more my style. 
Leopard, maybe? No, maybe hearts! Stripes? 
 The rest of what I bought will hopefully make its debut soon. 
Those department stores had the cutest dresses.

For now, I'm off to get a hair cut... if I don't chicken out!